I do a job well done, but I don’t like to talk about myself. These are some key points about me.

• Born in USSR, raised in Latvia and since 2003 moved to Italy. These three very contrasting periods have taught me:
1st Humility and hunger to learn new things;
2nd Hard work, precision, and punctuality
3rd self-esteem, and joy and passion in what I do.

• My first job I got in a strange way: Tuesday I read the announcement of the competition for the place of a sketcher in the newspaper. On Wednesday I showed up at the agency where they presented the brief. On Thursday I brought the requested drafts, and on Friday I was already hired. From there I did nothing but grow.

• The biggest achievement was the chance to work with Ferrero chocolate where I studied and elaborated the shapes and graphic of the products, the structure, and design of packaging and finally – setting up sales points for occasions.

• Needless to say, I love what I do. I was born with talent, I studied it and for over twenty years I have been accumulating experience and new skills.
I could handle with care and professionalism:
– Post-production and photomanipulation;
– Art direction and advertising;
– Study of shape and graphic development of packages + 3D simulations and real Mock-Ups;
– Preparation of files for printing (CMYK + special colors);
– Illustration & Sketching (PC or freehand);
– Industrial design and 3D development;
– Study and development of the sales point set-up;
– Logotypes and brand guidelines;
I also have knowledge in Calligraphy, storyboard, trade show booths, leather works, architectural models, interior design, furniture design, and more. 

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